Surviving Unrest: Keep Calm and know what drives you

We live in restless times, a global pandemic, social unrest around equality, polarizing debates and an uncertain economic climate. In the midst of all this organizations and their employees are trying to survive. How do you deal with this dynamic?

The culture on an organizational level can set the course most of the time. The interesting question is if this is also happening when the pressure is on. Do the less desirable traits of the culture rise to the surface, or will it have a positive effect on the organization? How is the response to crisis perceived by the employees, who are also under pressure?

Positive use of the mindset
During the first wave of COVID-19 we have noticed that a lot of people and organizations used their behavior under pressure, the mindset, in a positive way. They used it for constructive and effective cooperation with others. This way the potential power was utilized to help them through the crisis

In the meantime, 6 months later, we are in the middle of a second wave of COVID-19 infection, and the consequential measures to control the virus. The crisis and unrest is taking a long time, and one wonders how long everyone can keep up using their positive behavior under pressure. There is a chance that people will demonstrate exaggerated or destructive behavior when under pressure. To navigate through a long lasting crisis as an organization is it important to look at the needs of the employees and the culture of the organization.

What do your employees need?

The world dynamics are not only pressurizing organization, but also their employees individually. What are the needs they have? The employee that is driven to close that deal no matter what, suddenly might crave for clarity and peace, or maybe security. Or the employee that always contributes in line with the vision, might suddenly feel the urge to start making her of his own decisions.

If the organization does not address this change in needs, it means the employees individually are losing energy. Accumulated this means a less productive organization. Insights in the needs of employees is more than important for organizations. It gives them an opportunity to communicate specifically and fulfill the needs of the employees in times of crisis. The result is that employees feel understood, get energy and hold on to positive behavior. This way they are able to provide a more effective contribution to the organization.

Same action, Same result?
When under pressure one can observe more exaggerated or destructive behavior in organizations. The dominant drives of the organization are now in overdrive or show in a negative way. In crisis, this is often a temporary situation, but in when this lasts for a longer time, there is a risk of this having a negative effect on the energy of the employees and the success of the organization.

Is that what made the organization great also the same behavior and culture that is going to help the organization to survive the crisis? Or is it time to change course to secure the future of the organization? Maybe the traits that got less attention during the good times are now more than needed to get out of this period of crisis.

Keep calm and know what drives you
There is lots of uncertainty about when stability will be achieved. We are faced with a second COVID-19 wave, political unrest in the world and uncertain economics. It is of most importance to keep your organization balance and tend to the needs of your employees and the market.

With Management Drives you will gain insight in the dynamic, culture and drives in your organization. Are you interested in what Management Drives can do for you and your organization, please contact us. We would love to help you through these troubled times.