More than 25 years of experience as an Business psychologist

I have dedicated my working life to helping leaders find solutions to their challenges and create solid results and impact with the people and companies I work with.

Leadership development always in focus

My passion is to create effective and lasting results.

My name is Annemette Hylgaard, and I have worked with leadership development on all levels for more than 25 years. I have built solid knowledge about the challenges good leadership is up against throughout my working life. I have experience from both large and small organisations in Denmark and internationally as well as many types of public organisations. This means that I know what it takes at both the personal and the managerial level to create better results. 

What characterises me is that I get very close to the organisations I work with, and I become thoroughly acquainted with their line of business. This applies to the development of the individual manager and team development because it is only possible to be a good partner if you know the ‘reality from the inside.’ 

Given all the time we spend in the workplace, I’m particularly interested in creating better working conditions and thus a better working life, where you are motivated, happy, and energetic when you enter the workplace and when you go home. 

For me, leadership is at the heart of this. It is the element that unites everything else. That is why leadership, and how it unfolds, is infinitely important to me. 

And as an occupational psychologist, I am one of the very best at combining business development, managers, and organisations. I help managers create positive bottom lines in the company.

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It takes trust to let another person into your life and into your business. It takes courage to be honest about the challenges you face. Therefore, it is always possible to have an introductory session to assess whether it is possible to collaborate. It is your future we are talking about, so use the opportunity to gain insight.