Professional conversations

Tailored development sessions with a professional conversation partner. The sessions are ideal for leaders who want to pursue goal-oriented development to solve complicated problems in everyday life. 

Developing you and the company

Individualized session where you are the focus

Professional conversations focus on both strategic and personal leadership. The result is a competency boost for you as a leader and more efficiency in the organisation.

Creating results requires both human insight and good business acumen. At the same time, development happens faster when it takes place in interaction with everyday life. Therefore, the sessions will focus on your company, your situation, your personal leadership style, and points of development so that you can create unique business results. 

Why? Because studies show that good leadership positively affects the bottom line.

Most leaders face complicated issues that require a lot of skills and expert knowledge from the professional conversation partner. I have built a solid foundation within business development, executive training, and personal development throughout my career, supporting the leader’s development.

Together we plan a process that supports your full potential—a process consists of a minimum of 5 sessions since we work with those aspects that create development, change, and long-lasting results. Before the first session, you must fill out a profile from Management Drive, which will give you unique insights into your inner motivation and strengths. 

Do you want to develop and optimise your impact as a leader?

Professional conversations give insights into how you can develop as a leader, adapt to the changing demands of today, and increase efficiency. The sessions unfold the full potential of your leadership and provide learnings and insights into how you can establish the framework for both your own and your employees’ development, cultivate your inner motivation, and create results on a whole new level. 

Possible packages

Not able to find a solution that fits your needs? Call or write, and we will find a solution that suits you.

Starting package

25.000 DKK
  • 5 sessions
  • A profile package from management drive

Pro development course

45.000 DKK
  • 10 sessions
  • A profile package from management drive

Professional conversations

4.500 DKK
  • Price per session after starting package

Book a 30 minutes
free consultation

It takes trust to let another person into your life and into your business. It takes courage to be honest about the challenges you face. Therefore, it is always possible to have an introductory session to assess whether it is possible to collaborate. It is your future we are talking about, so use the opportunity to gain insight.